Best Twin Baby Carrier 2020 (Updated for Winter 2020)

Parenting is a juggling act. When you add twins into the mix, it goes a little crazy! Like any other parent, twin parents want to be able to hold and comfort their babies, but they also need to carry on with everything else, like school runs, shopping, chores or meeting friends, preferable hands free. A twin parent might combine different carrying methods, such as a pram and a sling, or enlist a second adult to carry one baby, but nothing beats the closeness of carrying both babies together in a twin baby carrier.

There are purpose-designed twin carriers, But you can also safely use some single baby carriers to carry twins. Whichever you choose, make sure that both babies are always secure and that you follow baby wearing safety guidelines.

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Best Ring Slings for Twins:
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Best Organic Baby Wrap:
Baby K’Tan for Twins

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Best Structured Twin Carrier:
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Best for Versatility:
Didymos Doubleface

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Best Separate Buckled Carriers:
Two Ergobaby 360

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Best Twin Play Yard:
Graco Pack 'n Play Playard

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Do You Need a Carrier?

There are other ways to transport twins: double buggies are a popular choice. However, tandem wearing has a major advantage that it leaves the parent hands free!

What is a Twin Baby Carrier?

A twin baby carrier is designed for either carrying twins, or for carrying one baby, but can be used for two.

Benefits of Baby Wearing for Twins

Newborn twins are usually most settled when snuggled next to one another. Twin carriers enable this closeness, as well as offering the usual benefits of baby wearing:

  • Strengthens the bond between parent and baby
  • Boosts milk supply for breastfeeding mothers through close contact with baby
  • Leaves parent hands-free
  • Promotes early language development, through baby’s proximity to facial cues

With twins on the scene, time is even more precious than normal, so the advantages offered by baby carriers become even more significant.

best twin baby carrier

Different Baby Carrier Types

Baby carriers come in all sorts of materials and colors. However, there are a few main types that are worth knowing about when considering how to carry your twins. Some can be used to carry both twins at the same time, while others are just for carrying one baby.

  • Stretchy wrap
  • Woven wrap
  • Ring Sling
  • Structured or buckled carrier
  • Mei Tai, Podaegi and Onbuhimo
  • Framed backpack (for long distance hiking)
  • Front carrier (widely available but doesn’t support baby as well as some other types)

Best Twin Baby Carriers for Newborns

There are particular considerations for carrying newborns. Take note of the minimum weight limit, since newborn twins may only weigh a few pounds each. Newborns tend to curl up, so take extra care that they are safe, with chins off chests and backs supported.

1. Moby Baby Wrap

Moby Baby Wrap Product Image

The Moby wrap is a long piece of stretchy material. It provides even support all over the babies’ bodies, closely replicating the snug sensation of being in the womb. The Moby wrap is a fantastic choice for a twin baby carrier wrap because you can carry newborn twins, including premature or low birth weight twins.

The 100% cotton fabric is soft against baby’s skin and distributes the weight evenly across the wearer’s shoulders and back.

Stretchy wraps initially require a bit of practice. Pre-tie them, so the babies can be simply popped in and out. The Moby is a flexible choice because you can carry twins side-by-side on your front and also carry one baby wrapped in other positions: facing sideways, out or on your back, and even during pregnancy (if you can think that far ahead!)

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Best Ring Slings for Twins

A ring sling is made of a single piece of fabric that has two rings sewn into the end. They are usually worn like a sash, for one-shouldered or ‘asymmetrical’ carries. Ring slings are quick and easy to take on and off and fold down neatly.

2. Hip Baby Ring Sling

Hip Baby Ring Sling Product Image

The Hip Baby Ring Sling has excellent ethical credentials: each fair trade sling is individually handwoven in India with Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes. Every Hip Baby sling is beautiful and unique.

The product specification for the Hip Baby Ring Sling is a parent’s dream: it is made from 100% cotton and can be machine washed and dried. The rings are made of high quality aluminium and the fabric is breathable. The Hip Baby Ring is made of a lightweight fabric that makes it cooler to wear and easier to adjust. It also folds down very small: one parent cheerfully noted that you can “fit it in the diaper bag!”

Because ring slings are so quick and easy to take on and off, one twin mom pointed out that this sling works great for that awkward moment when you have to juggle getting two babies out of the car.

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Best Organic Baby Wraps for Twins

We all want the baby products we use to be safe, healthy and kind to our babies’ skin. Buying organic products can give extra peace of mind. Organic materials are natural and chemical free, making them more environmentally friendly, but crucially they are also softer and kinder to sensitive skin.

3. Baby K’Tan for Twins

Baby K’Tan for Twins Product Image

The Baby K’Tan (pronounced Ka-TAHN), made of 100% organic cotton, is a “wrap without the wrapping”. Put on this ready-to-wear carrier like a t-shirt, so you don’t need to learn how to tie it. Carry one baby in 5 different positions, but the patented double-loop design means that it’s ideal for carrying newborn twins.

The Baby K’Tan is suitable from birth until twins weigh 10 lbs each. It can then be used as a single carrier up to 35 lbs. It is available in a range of sizes: note that the size relates to the wearer, not the babies!

The clever design means that it doesn’t have the excess fabric that traditional wraps have. Twins can be snuggled close to the parent without lots of extra fabric getting in the way. It’s also quicker and easier to put on, which is a very good thing when there are two wriggling babies involved!

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Best Structured Twin Baby Carrier

Structured carriers, with padded shoulder straps and buckle fastenings, feel a bit like rucksacks and arguably offer more support than soft wraps – which is important when carrying twice the weight! Most structured carriers are designed for one baby, but the Twingo Original is a notable exception.

4. Twingo Twin Carrier

Twingo Twin Carrier Product Image

The Twingo Twin Carrier is purpose-made for carrying twin babies or toddlers: one on the front, and one on the back. In this set-up, there is only one set of shoulder straps, making it much more comfortable than using two separate carriers. The genius of the design is that it can also be used as two separate carriers on occasions when there is an extra adult on hand, using the conversion kit.

The Twingo can be used to carry babies from 7 lbs using two of the infant inserts (which can be bought separately). Twins can be carried separately without this from 10 lbs. Tandem wearing becomes possible from around 4 months old, once one of the twins has good enough head and neck control to be carried on your back. The Twingo can support a combined weight of 70 lbs (though I’m not sure many parents would want to carry that weight!)

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Best Twin Baby Carriers for Versatility

Babies develop quickly, and with twins, it can be hard to keep pace with the changes! Versatility is, therefore, an important feature in a twin baby carrier. Woven wraps can cater for all sizes and ages of twins and can be used in lots of different positions.

5. Didymos Doubleface Woven Wraps

Didymos Doubleface Woven Wraps Product Image

The word Didymos means ‘twins’ in Greek: the brand was started when its founder was expecting twins. Inspired by African and Asian mothers, she found a way of carrying her babies while still being able to get things done.

With the Didymos wrap, tiny newborn twins can be wrapped together in various different front carry positions. Once one baby has good head and neck control, they can be worn on the back while the other is on the front. When both babies can sit up independently, a tandem hip hold is possible. This versatility means that twin babies can continue to be held supportively as they change and grow.

Numerous versions of the Didymos wrap are available. They are available in materials including cotton and cashmere, with different colors and patterns and in several standard sizes (with others available on request).

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Using Separate Buckled Carriers For Your Twins

If you already own one (or more than one!) buckled carrier, it is possible to carry twins in two separate carriers. This is a similar set-up to the Twingo, but is likely to feel more cumbersome as there will be two sets of shoulder straps and waistbands.

6. Two Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Two Ergobaby 360 Baby Carriers Product Image

The Ergobaby is a popular choice for single baby wearing because it has been carefully designed to provide optimal ergonomic positioning for parent and baby. All carry positions, from baby to toddler, support baby in the natural ‘M’ position. The wide waistband offers excellent lower back support and can be a comfortable option after a C-section.

It is possible to combine two Ergobaby carriers by carrying a baby on your front and the twin baby on your back. By doing so, you can essentially create your own twin ergo baby carrier without splashing out on a purpose-designed twin carrier. You also get all the benefits of an individual Ergobaby carrier: the UPF 50+ tuck-away hood for sun and wind protection, the easily adjustable waistband and shoulder straps and the fact that it is machine washable.

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More Twin Baby Carrying Options

1. Vija Kangaroo Care Tops/T-shirts for Twins

Vija Kangaroo Care Tops/T-shirts for Twins Product Image

‘Kangaroo care’ involves keeping babies skin-to-skin with their parent, helping them to maintain healthy body temperature. This method is ideal for low birth weight or premature babies. It can be particularly beneficial for twins, as it enables them to snuggle together with their sibling and parent.

The Vija Kangaroo care top is designed specifically for this purpose. It can be used immediately after the babies are born, helping to stabilize their temperatures and promoting breastfeeding. The soft cotton material works as a top for the mother and offers gentle support for the babies, though it’s not hands-free, so the babies must be held safely with your hands.

A Kangaroo care top is not exactly a baby carrier, but don’t overlook it as an option for the very early postpartum days in the hospital and at home.

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2. Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet Product Image

This Graco Playard is, again, not a baby carrier, but is so handy that it deserves a mention! It makes it much easier to travel with twins, because it serves as two bassinets and a playpen. Use it (without the bassinets) to allow twins to sleep together. The quilted mattress pad provides a comfortable space for twins to sleep and play.

It provides a larger area than most travel playpens, which is perfect for twins (but do make sure that you buy sheets that will fit!) It’s worth noting that the two bassinets are one piece, so they can’t be removed one at a time.

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Baby Carrier Features

Different types of baby carrier offer different advantages. Given the variety of twin baby carriers available, it is worth thinking about which of the various possible features are important to you:

  • Positions that baby/babies can be carried in (front, back, hip)
  • Fastening method: tied or buckled
  • Ethical, environmentally friendly, toxin-free and BPA Free
  • Beautiful fabrics and patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Different sizes and/or adjustable waistbands and straps
  • Extras such as hoods, pockets, padding and extra support for baby’s head

What Should You Consider When Buying a Twin Baby Carrier?

  • Age of the twins: check whether the carrier is suitable from birth. Some carrying positions will only be possible when the babies reach a certain age or development level.
  • Comfort: weight distribution, adjustable straps and an appropriately sized carrier can make a big difference to how comfortable it is to carry twins
  • Safety: a baby carrier needs to enable you to follow baby-wearing safety guidelines such as making sure the babies’ chins are off their chests.
  • Weight limit: baby carriers should state the weight that they can safely carry. Bear in mind that with twins, you need to consider their combined weight!
  • Carrier positions: different carriers enable babies to be carried on the front, hip and back. Depending on the type of carrier, it may be possible to carry twins together on your front.
  • Material and durability: the choice of material affects whether the carrier is breathable and washable as well as the appearance and how long it will last.
  • Your budget: baby carriers don’t have to be expensive, but you pay extra for extra features.

The Bottom Line

These twin baby carrier reviews show the wide variety of carriers available for twins. We’ve also explained some of the key features, benefits and considerations.

Different organic baby carriers will suit different families, but for carrying newborn twins it’s hard to beat the 100% organic Baby K'Tan. The ease of use is second-to-none and it’s even possible to breastfeed twins in the K’Tan. It provides the benefits of baby-wearing twins without the hassle.

Hope this list helps you choose the one that’s right for you and your babies. Read on to find out more about the best double seat strollers for twins.

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