Best Organic Toddler Pillows 2020- Top 5 Reviewed

April 20, 2020

The life of an excitable toddler is manic for both parents and kids. How many of us have experienced those nights where the little ones just don’t want to go to bed? Or maybe your toddler struggles to sleep at night? Whatever the case, you’re not alone! Moms everywhere have the occasional hard time getting their kids off to bed, it’s perfectly normal. Organic toddler pillows are such a great idea for helping children sleep at night.

Think about all those chemicals added into cottons and fabrics these days. Think how much bleach it took to get those pillows so white. Your baby’s skin is naturally way more sensitive than any adults, and for that reason, we need to keep them safe from harmful toxins to avoid rashes, allergies and irritation.



What Should You Look For in an Organic Toddler Pillow?


If you’re serious about going organic, you should always be on the lookout for products that are GOTS certified organic. This stands for Global Organic Textile Standard – it is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers so that you can be super-sure the pillow your toddler is cuddling up to won’t harm their skin or contain any chemicals. Often when you see ‘organic’ products that aren’t GOTS certified, there will still be chemicals present somewhere in there.

What are the Toxins or Harmful Chemicals Found in Baby Pillows?

Baby skin is very sensitive and health advisers recommend using natural/organic baby product to ward away toxins and chemicals from baby’s skin. You might be shocked to hear that some chemicals that are quite common in baby products may cause allergy, skin rash, difficulty in breathing and so on.

Some common toxins found in baby products are BPA, phthalates and flame retardants, some of which are proven to be possible carcinogens (cancer causing). And in case of fabrics, look out for harmful chemicals such as Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and GMO’s. Make sure that the fabric is certified organic and non-toxic.


What is Hypoallergenic Fabric? Is This Important in Toddler Pillows?

Hypoallergenic fabric is one that does not cause skin allergy to babies and toddlers. Some materials may cause eczema or skin rash and irritation. This is the reason why it is vital that the fabric used is hypoallergenic to make sure it’s good for the baby.


Our list below of the best organic toddler pillows for 2020 is a great place to start looking. You’ll be amazed at how many companies are providing us with organic alternatives these days. It’s great news but a little daunting when you’re just looking for one little organic toddler pillow and you have so many options. But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed things down for you so you can find the best choice for your kids.

Lovingly hand-crafted and GOTS certified organic, your toddler is sure to snoozing away… And for those of you who are also looking for something cruelty-free & vegan, they’re even all feather free!


1. Little Sleepy Head Organic Toddler Pillow


This company instantly caught our eye as a fellow mompreneur built it! This tired mom had trouble getting her toddlers to sleep through the night or getting them down for a nap. So she started making them small pillows as a result, and found that it helped them sleep!

This is completely feather-free, so no geese were harmed in the making of this toddler pillow. The inside is filled with Premium Hypoallergenic Poly Micro Gel Fiber. This will hold it’s shape over time, support proper spinal alignment and be super soft to sleep on. These fibers have no added chemicals, and the same goes for the outside! In addition, fret no more about bed bugs with this mite-resistant weave.

This pillow is also machine washable and Little Sleepy Head® offers a “love-the-fluff” or they’ll replace it guarantee.



2. Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow



Little One’s Pillow is a very similar choice to Little Sleep Head. It’s 100% hypoallergenic, the outer shell is unbleached organic cotton and you can also expect the same chemical-free, super-soft poly fiber filling. Little One’s Pillow is all about supporting our toddlers, literally. Top chiropractors and pediatricians designed this pillow to ensure the best support for a child’s head, neck and spine. A lot of love and passion has gone into making this product – they’re all hand-tested and are designed to have a great balance of thin and fluffy.

If this pillow doesn’t suit you, send for a custom replacement free of charge with more or less filling. That’s the mark a great brand that recognizes that each child is different. What’s more, you don’t even have to send back the original pillow!



3. Mother Sheep Organics Premium Organic Toddler Pillows



Mother Sheep Organics provide different organic pillows for adults and toddlers. These pillows have a great new twist. Rather than a traditional, copy-cat filling, Mother Sheep have given us the option of either an organic wool pillow or an organic rubber pillow.

These are entirely non-toxic pillows – they’re chemical-free, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust-mite repellent. The outer shell is also a little different, using organic cotton Damask to cover the pillow, which is a little thicker and cloud-like.

You have 2 choices of fillings from Mother Sheep Organics – wool or rubber.
For their wool filling, they have made exclusive wool ‘pearls’ using a machine where they take organic wool and turn it into small pearl-sized balls to create a fluffy supportive pillow, which is great for keeping your toddler warm and cozy. Don’t machine wash the wool pillow, but feel free to put it in the dryer with tennis balls (or something similar) on a cold setting to increase the loft!

For their rubber filling, they have an exclusive rubber fiber shredding process that leaves you with a super-soft and comfortable pillow. These fillings are 100% natural rather than synthetic, which is a great bonus when shopping for an organic product! It’s also great to have two filling options for those who want a vegan or cruelty-free product.

Keep in mind that due to their extra qualities and natural fillings, toddler pillows from Mother Sheep Organics are much more expensive than most others. They’re also a couple inches bigger than other brands – this won’t affect the thickness necessarily but definitely worth remembering.




4. Naturepedic Organic Cotton and PLA Batting Toddler Pillow



With an Adult, Kids and Baby collection, Naturepedic have received awards for their natural & organic bedding products.

Their toddler pillow also has a 100% organic cotton outer shell which has a luxurious thread count of around 300.

The best part about Naturepedic’s toddler pillow is it’s unique filling. The filling is made with non-GMO plant-based PLA batting. This type of polyester is derived from starchy plants. They use a process that begins with 100% plant starch which is used to create lactic acid. Once the water is removed from the lactic acid, it creates a polymer called polylactide (PLA). PLA is very versatile but is also soft and resists body impressions, similarly to memory foam. It’s chemical-free, 100% natural and is a much more sustainable alternative!

This unique pillow filling is such a stand out quality! A lot of thought and effort has gone into this product. Therefore, it is pretty great value for money. It’s more expensive than down pillows and poly fiber pillows but cheaper than the wool/rubber pillows from Mother Sheep Organics. Overall a great organic product and in case you wondered, yes they do have adult versions!




5. Pure Grace Organic Toddler Pillow



Last but not least, we have the organic toddler pillow from Pure Grace. Pure Grace is a great brand for organic toddler bedding. Their toddler pillow is completely free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, flame-retardants or mite-repellents, so it is entirely non-toxic!

This pillow is a little unique in that it doesn’t use traditional organic cotton. Pure Grace has a different way of doing things to set them aside from other brands. Their organic toddler pillow is filled with a blend of poly cluster fibers and 100% TENCEL™ fibers. TENCEL™ is a botanic fiber harvested from eucalyptus trees and produced through a closed-loop, eco-friendly manufacturing process. So is 100% natural and is only sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Use this over organic cotton as even non-toxic chemicals are completely removed in the production process. So this is overall so much better for the environment.

This unique filling is super-soft and cooler than cotton and absorbs 70% more moisture for a drier sleep, which also means it’s nearly impossible for bacteria to grow on the fiber. A blend of organic cotton and TENCEL™ makes the outer shell.

This pillow is unbleached and naturally hypoallergenic, comes with a 100% TENCEL™ pillowcase with a unique flap to encompass the whole pillow for a fully smooth surface, and is machine washable and chiropractor & pediatrician recommended. It even comes with a 10 year warranty!



Facts About Allergies & Natural Products

Some children may be allergic to certain organic products, such as feathers. They would require a hypoallergenic pillow. However, this doesn’t mean they have to run out and buy a synthetic toddler pillow. There are many organic pillows that are much safer than their synthetic counterparts, especially for children with allergies.

For a general idea, organic pillows are usually filled with one of the following:

  • Down
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Kapok
  • Natural latex

These organic materials are naturally resistant to allergens like dust and mites. Choosing organic pillows which have a suitable filling might be more beneficial to allergy sufferers than synthetic pillows despite the claims of synthetic pillow manufacturers. An organic toddler pillow offers safety and traditional comfort with the added benefits of modern hygiene standards.




An organic pillow for your little one is a great investment. A pillow, in general, will help them sleep or nap. Toddler pillows are helpful for them to transition into their ‘big kid’ beds. But something they cuddle up to every single night should be free of harmful chemicals, especially with children’s sensitive skin.

Organic cottons that are free of dyes are much kinder to their skin. There are now so many brands and independent companies dedicating themselves to giving us natural and organic options for so many products. So why not pillows too? What’s more, all of these pillows also make a fab organic travel pillow, knee pillow or back pillow for adults or pregnant women!

The brands above are our top picks but truthfully, there are so many organic pillow options out there! Mother Sheep Organics and Naturepedic seem to have given us something new, exciting, and a little different from the other brands out there. So if you’re willing to spend a bit more, a toddler pillow like these that aren’t only organic, but 100% natural, is a great choice. But otherwise, all of these pillows have had a lot of love and thought put into their making. They will be fab for putting your little ones off to sleep!


Shobita Ravichandran

Shobita Ravichandran


Shobita created Parenthood Guide in 2015 after she found out the hard way about toxins in many safe looking baby products. She's an architect, researcher, writer and mum of two strong-willed little humans. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she has been extensively researching natural, safe, organic and non-toxic products for her children. Now she wants to take you along on this non-toxic journey and share her findings of the best and safest baby products out there.


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