Best Planner for Moms in 2020

June 1, 2020

Looking for the best Mom Planner in 2020? Give yourself the most wonderful gift this year. The gift of organization. This year, your sanity-saving guide is the best planner for moms. One that helps you get through the unrelenting pressures of everyday life as a parent, as a woman, as a person. And this year’s top choice is Mother. Woman. Planner.®

I love it when a plan comes together. In this review, I look a little closer and see what this planner is all about so you can tell whether it’s right for you.




What is this all about?

Mother. Woman. Planner.® is a practical planner for super moms. A.K.A all moms. Stay on top of everyday chores and mundane tasks by planning in advance.

This planner makes daily planning a piece of cake. You can now plan your days with intention and get the balance back in your life. Set your long-term, monthly and weekly goals. Meal prep like a boss and stay on top of all your kids’ activities. On top of that it allows you to smash your personal and professional targets.


What I love about it

1. Long-term vision

Helps you identify your biggest long-term goals, desires and ambitions. You can then break them down into achievable chunks.

2. Yearly goals

An overview of important days and milestones this year to give you some perspective on the big picture

3. Monthly goals

Identify ONE top goal that you absolutely want to achieve that month. Then put an action plan in place to break it into daily or weekly chunks.

4. Weekly scheduling

Hour-by-hour scheduling & time-blocking for easy weekly planning, meal prepping, & appointment scheduling.

5. Money goals

Budget like a boss and implement a monthly cash flow plan to get your finances back on track, become debt-free and aim for financial freedom.

6. Planning made easy

Plan your meals, kids’ activities and create shopping lists in your weekly planning pages. Make lists for parties, birthdays and create holiday checklists on project planning and ideas pages.


Things to keep in mind

The current edition of Mother. Woman. Planner.® is almost sold out at the time of writing this review.




Why should I choose it? What’s in it for me?

  • Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the tasks and duties of motherhood? Never be frazzled again with this lifesaving resource. It has everything you need including extras like hosting, housekeeping and birthday checklists.
  • Trips with kids are now a breeze with even more essential travel and packing checklists.
  • What’s more, stay on top of your finances and tell your money where to go by planning and tracking your budget every month with Mother Woman Planner’s detailed budget planning pages for each month.




How is it Different From Any Other Personal Organizer I’ve Used?

What I love about it is that it’s not dated, meaning you can start in December or even in Feb. And missing a week or two in the middle doesn’t mean you want to get rid of it and start the next year. You can start right where you left off, and create the life you’re dreaming about.

It’s so well thought out and has a space for almost everything I need. It’s a handy guide for someone like me that’s juggling kids, a home, social, work and personal goals.




Is it for Me?

Short answer: Yes, this is for you. Mother. Woman. Planner.™ has been designed with every woman in mind: a planner for every parent / carer in the world. Anyone who needs to juggle parenting with social, personal or professional goals.



How do I get one?

You can get your copy from amazon here, or by visiting the website here.



Alternatively, you can buy it from amazon by clicking the button below:




The Bottom Line

This life of parenting is a roller coaster ride, and Mother. Woman. Planner.® gives you the seat belt. It has some great tools to stay sane and handle this role of mom with ease. It’s also made with love, with non-toxic Eco-friendly paper, which is great.

So go ahead and make yourself a priority this year. You’ve got this, mama. In my view, its got some life-changing magic. It’s also a great idea to give this as a gift to a mom friend on her birthday or baby shower.


Shobita Ravichandran

Shobita Ravichandran


Shobita created Parenthood Guide in 2015 after she found out the hard way about toxins in many safe looking baby products. She's an architect, researcher, writer and mum of two strong-willed little humans. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she has been extensively researching natural, safe, organic and non-toxic products for her children. Now she wants to take you along on this non-toxic journey and share her findings of the best and safest baby products out there.


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