Best Organic Kids’ Clothes 2020

March 29, 2020
As a first time parent, choosing the right clothes for your newborn child can be quite a challenge. Moreover, a child’s skin is quite sensitive and it gets easily irritated. Therefore, my advice to you is to purchase clothes made with non-toxic materials so that your child’s skin is safe from irritation. here I’ve reviewed some of the best organic kids’ clothes out there today.

Contrary to what you might expect, BPA free clothes are often affordably priced. Besides, they are also soft and cosy and don’t scratch your child’s skin. As you know, here are many online stores and brands that sell organic kids’ clothes. Although high-quality pieces of clothing might be hard on the purse, they are durable and they guarantee to serve you for much longer. This guide to the best organic kids’ clothes will take you through the reputable brands and pieces of clothing, that is not only safe for your baby but also adorable and available at very attractive prices.


Best Organic Rompers, Jumpsuits, and Overalls

A baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate. Therefore, rompers made from organic cotton ensure that your baby’s skin is safe from any irritation. Jumpsuits are another excellent choice of clothing for newborns. this is because these cover their whole bodies while being adorable at the same time.


1. Hatop Baby Unisex Long Sleeves Thanks giving Day Romper



These are made from a cotton blend that ensure your baby’s skin is protected. Additionally, the letter and plaid print make these outfits suitable for different occasions, especially Thank giving. As they are long sleeved, baby’s hands are covered and kept warm. Lastly, the special designs printed on these jumpsuits are unique and creative. This makes them one of the best organic kids’ clothes this season.


  • Made from a cotton blend
  • Long sleeved



2. Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Union Suit



These come with a snap closure. So warm air is trapped between the material and the baby’s skin. These unicorn suits are made from 100% organic cotton. Therefore, they are gentle on the baby’s skin. Additionally, there is no noticeable shrinkage of the material when you wash the suits.


  • Heavy cotton
  • True to size and color
  • Snap closure




3. KaiCran Toddler Baby Sweet Autumn Outfits



These baby outfits come as a set of a top and an accompanying pair of overalls. The tops are long sleeved with floral detail while the pants are solid colored overalls. Additionally, these bloomers are suitable for both girls and boys.


• Cotton blend
• Unisex



Best Organic Sleeping Gowns and Kimonos

Make sure you have sleeping gowns or kimonos on your newborn checklist or baby register. Kimonos are some of the best organic kids’ clothes. This is because they don’t ride up and expose baby’s feet as your child sleeps. Kimonos and sleeping bags can replace blankets on cool nights.


1. Ninkynonk Cute Mermaid Newborn Sleeping Bag



You can get these sleeping bags in a size 0-12 months through to 12-24 months. They’re a great fit and they ensure your baby is properly covered. Additionally they’re made from high quality 100% organic cotton and are GOTS certified.


  • Mermaid shaped
  • Wicking property
  • High quality




2. Parade Organic Kimono Gown



These products are made from heavy material come with beautiful synthetic prints. The luxurious material used to make these kimono gowns are gentle on your baby’s skin. Each kimono is printed by hand using Eco-friendly ink. These charming products are GOTS certifies.


  • Hand printed
  • GOTS certified
  • Heavy material




3. Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Gowns



These organic cotton gowns come in different sizes with are all brilliant fits. The clothes are machine washable and can replace blankets on cool nights (as long as they don’t ride up). The round stretchable neck allows you to easily slip it on and off.


  • Elastic bottom
  • Large and manageable
  • Mittens at the end of sleeves




Best Organic Top and Pant Sets

Top and pant sets are a valuable investment as they come in different sizes that your child can wear them to different occasions. They can be mixed and matched with a number of outfits and onesies. These sets are ideal for children who crawl and are learning how to walk as their knees are protected, and for easy changing when they get their clothes soiled from play.

1. Lavany Halloween Unisex Baby Clothes



These beautifully designed attires are suitable for delicate and sensitive skin as no chemicals are used to manufacture them. The thick material ensures that your child stays warm and cozy. The two sets of hooded tops and pants are highly durable and can be passed down to your next baby.


  • Long sleeved tops
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Printed with different designs




2. Burt’s Bees Baby Long Sleeved Tunic

These tunics have a pull on the closure to trap in warm air. They’re machine washable. These GOTS certified clothes ensure your baby’s skin is not irritated. The thick material used to make these tunics keep your baby warm.


  • GOTS certified
  • Thick material




3. Toddler PJs Little Baby Clothes



These cotton pajamas ensure that your baby has a peaceful night’s sleep. The beautiful designs and dyes on these clothes is made with Eco-friendly ingredients. These pajamas are suitable for both boys and girls.


  • Unisex
  • Heavy material




Best Organic Sweaters, Jackets, and Outerwear

Outerwear provides babies with sufficient warmth during the cold weather. There are many designs of sweaters and jackets to choose from, but here’s are top picks of outerwear that we find are warm, chic, organic as well as soft on baby’s skin.

1. Hope & Henry Layette White Sailor Sweater Romper



These white sailor sweaters come in different colours are woven with organic cotton yarn. This outerwear guarantees the safety of your baby’s skin, as there is no bleach or chemicals used in the manufacture of the sweaters.


  • Cable knit front panel and flat knit back panel
  • Non-toxic outerwear




2. KaiCran Toddler Baby Girls’ Cute Fall Winter Button Jacket

These adorable cardigans are made to last and the gold button closures are located on the shoulder. The sweaters are machine washable and very well priced. KaiCan Winter Cardigan is a great choice for a baby shower gift, as they’re adorable, classy and beautiful.


  • High quality
  • Breathable and elastic




3. Moon and Back Baby Reversible Jacket Hood



These reversible jackets are a valuable investment because you get two looks with just one jacket. The organic cotton used to make the jackets ensure that your baby’s sensitive skin is not irritated. The products are beautifully crafted and are heavy enough to keep your baby cosy and warm.


  • Reversible
  • Certified by GOTS




4. EcoAble Apparel Baby Toddler Warm Jacket Cardigan



This cardigan is made from Eco-friendly material and ingredients. They’re made from heavy warm material and the wool fleece hoodies are beautifully designed to be worn on different occasions.


  • Body temperature regulator
  • Non-scratchy wool




Best Organic Holiday Socks and Booties

Socks and booties keep your baby’s feet warm. However, budget in for enough pairs of socks especially for the winter so that your baby does not run out of pairs to wear. In addition, booties are adorable baby shoes that encourage your toddler to learn how to walk.

If you have young children, you know that socks have a magical way of disappearing, and you’re often left with only one from every pair. You’ll also find that most socks and booties are your child’s worst enemies. Your barely moving baby is sure to kick them off with nimble precision after a few seconds of having them on. The below picks are those we found that don’t have irritating seams or scratchy surfaces and are marginally more likely to stay on your little one’s feet.


1. Zutano Unisex Newborn Fleece Booties



Fleece booties are smooth on the inside and outside to ensure your baby’s feet are comfortable inside them. Additionally, these durable baby shoes retain their shape even after several washes. Moreover, you can layer them with socks to keep your baby’s feet warm enough. Most importantly, we’ve also found these are one of the very few that actually stay on your baby’s feet.


  • Bleach free
  • Perfect fit




2. Seeyan 6 Pair Unisex Thick Winter Kids Socks



These warm and soft socks ensure that your baby’s feet are always kept warm and snug (and most importantly stay on!). Since they are manufactured from organic cotton, these socks ensure that your baby’s skin is free from irritation. Additionally, the pairs come in random colours designed to be mixed and matched. With this package, you get six pairs.


  • Reduces growth of bacteria
  • Smooth and breathable




3. Zutano Unisex Baby Extra Warm Fleece Baby Booties with Grippers



These booties come with grippers to ensure they stay on and don’t slip off. They are also made of soft material and your bay can put them on without socks. What’s more, the special cotton used to manufacture these products ensure your baby’s skin is not irritated.


  • Made from polyester and organic cotton
  • Snap closure




Best Organic Winter Hats

With babies and young children, hats are a must, especially in colder climates to keep the child’s head warm and protect the ears from wind. Covering part your baby’s face, hats also protect your newborn baby’s soft head from harm. Here are our picks for the most fashionable yet organic hats for your outdoor walks and photo shoots.


1. KaiCran Parent-Child Hat Warmer



These hats are made from pure knitting wool and what’s more, mom also gets a matching hat. Therefore, mother and a newborn baby can wear these hats for that lovely Instagram feel! Additionally, it also makes for a great baby shower gift.


  • Brand new
  • Cable knit




2. EcoAble Apparel Newborn Baby Bonnets



These Eco-friendly baby bonnets are made from non-scratch wool to ensure your baby’s face is not irritated. Additionally, the Merino fleece wool used to make these bonnets is of high quality and they’re machine washable.


  • Soft cap
  • Unisex




3. Pickapooh Hat Plush Baby Unisex Winter EarFlaps



These unisex hats have ear flaps that protect your baby’s ears from the wind. Therefore, the hats cover a large circumference of the baby’s head. Additionally, they are made of 100% boiled merino wool on the outside and organic cotton on the inside.


  • Unisex
  • Heavy material




4. Disana Baby Hat



Since these hats are made from thick material and the inside is so soft, baby’s skin is not irritated at all. In short, these high-quality hats keep your baby warm on cool days. What’s more, they cover a large area of the baby’s head.


  • Different Sizes
  • Comfortable and warm




5. Warmshop Newborn Baby Winter Hats for Toddlers



These adorable hats have a bow crotchet and above all, they are made from high-quality wool. They have a light and cozy feel, because of which you can use them in spring, autumn as well as winter.


  • Brand new
  • High quality





Newborn babies have sensitive skin and I like to invest in clothes that will not irritate baby’s skin. Therefore, buying a variety of clothes for your child ensure they have something to wear for different occasions. For instance, onesies with a zip guard are great as they protect baby’s soft skin. Additionally sleeping bags make diaper changes in the middle of the night easy and smooth.

Choosing the right clothes for your child as first-time parents can be quite challenging and confusing. Hope this guide helps you understand the basics of baby wear and gives you some useful tips and insights into choosing the best Organic Kids’ clothes that are right for your little one.


Shobita Ravichandran

Shobita Ravichandran


Shobita created Parenthood Guide in 2015 after she found out the hard way about toxins in many safe looking baby products. She's an architect, researcher, writer and mum of two strong-willed little humans. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she has been extensively researching natural, safe, organic and non-toxic products for her children. Now she wants to take you along on this non-toxic journey and share her findings of the best and safest baby products out there.


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